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In my opinion it is essential to run The Process of creating an action plan for each golfer based upon what we have discovered through a vigorous assessment of The Essential Skills of Golf. From there we can decide upon a course of action that will lead to skillset goals being met. To play the game at a high level, golfers must understand ball flight cause and effect. Without this baseline knowledge, golfers often struggle to improve because they are unaware of golf’s simplest rules–why the ball goes where it does.

From the highest-level skill development coaching and diagnostic tools you can find, to world-class mental game training, we offer everything you need to reach your potential. You just supply the hard work!

The idea is simple:

That which we can measure, we can improve.

All this technology helps me help you improve faster. It’s not scary. It does not mean you will receive overly technical instruction. In fact, the opposite is true. This state of the art technology allows me to deliver coaching in a decidedly non-complicated manner. Even more importantly, I never guess. I never head down the wrong road.


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You have nothing to lose and a better game to gain! All of the John Dunigan Golf game improvement products are guaranteed to help you improve your game. If you don’t find a product you purchase to be helpful, you may return it for a full refund of your purchase price. Slice Buster (DVD) is guaranteed to help you fix your slice, learn to swing the club into the ball from the inside, and increase your distance all in one complete package. Professional Impact (DVD) is guaranteed to help you improve your contact and lower your handicap by giving you drills, concepts, and explanations that work fast to improve impact, the #1 Essential Skill in ball striking. Essential Golf (book) is the go-to guide for all beginning and intermediate golfers to help you develop all the skills in golf from putting to driving. Learn the game from the short shots first, building a strong foundation for your entire game. Guaranteed to help you develop your whole game. Please be sure to download Get to Know Golf and the Ball Flight Test and Answer Key below to be sure you have the latest, most accurate ball flight info!

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The number 3 keeps coming up in the game of golf.

There are 3 things you have to do to become a skilled golfer: LearnPractice, and Perform. Of course, you have to know the whatwhy, and how of practice or you won’t get anywhere. You need to balance your goals between having fun, learning, and (not just) performance. There are 3 Essential Golf Skills: Ball Control, Self Control and Game Control. Each of those Essential Skills have 3 skills within the skill. Ball Control includes: 1 Create solid contact 2 Predict the flight and 3 Hit the ball far enough to score. Self Control includes: Commitment, Intensity Management, and Emotional Control, or what I call The Winning Way–W.I.N. stands for What’s Important Now? Game Control includes: Strategy, Shot Selection, and Attention to Detail. Everything I teach and every book or video I produce is designed to help you Learn and Practice the Essential Skills so that you Perform on the course better than ever.

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2015 PGA Philadelphia Section Teacher of the Year

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