I use high end technology to make improvement simple, NOT more complex!


3-D analysis for the club and ball.

The industry leader in ball/club analysis. Trackman is the ultimate solution for evaluating what the club and ball are doing. Whether used for swing analysis, skills testing, club fitting, or club gapping, you won’t believe how high-end technology can simplify the game for you. It’s simply awesome!

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3-D analysis for the body.

Video cannot capture what your body is really doing. It’s not even close. When it comes down to sequencing your swing properly for efficiency, power and accuracy, there is nothing like 3D swing analysis. And the K-Vest 6D System is a true, 6 degree of freedom vest that shows rotation, bend, tilt, sway, thrust, and lift for an accurate, complete analysis of your motion. Some systems “see” only 3 degrees of freedom, giving you only 1/2 the picture. The K-Vest 6D System does it all!


3-D analysis for the feet and center of pressure.

The BodiTrak System measures the way your Center of Pressure is moving during your swing. For the first time, you can feel and see how your footwork can shape your swing. The BodiTrak and Trackman windows can be seen at the same time, thereby showing you how a different footwork pattern can improve your swing very quickly.


3-D analysis for the putter.

The SAM Puttlab is like Trackman for the putter. We analyze 28 different parameters. Find The Big One. And then set about training the improvement. I love being to show my students measurable proof of improvement! Yes, you could be overwhelmed by all the information SAM gives you, but I won’t ever let that happen. I have been truly amazed to see how much improvement is retained by my students as we repeat the testing and training modes SAM offers. Putter fitting is a snap and I have a Mitchell Tour Gauge (the PGA Tour standard) putter bending machine to make sure your putter fits perfectly.


AimPoint Green Reading is a revolution in putting performance. Invented by Mark Sweeney, a true genius, AimPoint takes the guessing out of green reading. It’s just math folks! Students are truly stunned to find how much putts really break! I invented The Ultimate Putting Coach to go along with AimPoint for an unbeatable green reading combination.


The way to start the game for kids and adults! With oversized plastic “launchers” (clubs), tennis balls, launch pads, Snagazoos, Snappers, and a coach who wears a velcro suit covered with a target, learning the game has never been easier or more fun!