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These are normal lesson offerings and products I have produced pretty much all by my lonesome. They do not have the most amazing production quality. I only use two cameras, and do all the editing myself. BUT the information will help you. A LOT! I guarantee it!

My goal is to make a difference in the game. I want to improve the way the game is played, practiced and taught around the world so that the world of golfers finally starts to improve as a whole. You know, the average handicap has not improved in forever, despite the technology that exists out there! In fact, the only folks who are improving seem to be the tour players, while the folks I care about most; those who support the game at the club level-YOU-get nowhere! I believe that part of the problem is that we have this industry wide misconception that you can buy a game rather than earn it. NOPE! The other problem, in my eyes, is that golf swing style has become “the thing” rather than Golf Skill Development. Golfers routinely spend years switching from teacher to teacher, method to method in search of the magic bullet. Well the magic bullet is Deliberate Practice, not swing style. Swing styles come and go, but The Essential Skills of Golf will never change. In order, the Essential Skills are:

  1. Ball Control
  2. Self Control
  3. Decision Making

I would like to get the world of golf focusing more on the skills rather than the mechanics. Yes, some mechanical changes will aid in developing the skills, but the swing-(style) is NOT the skill! Only a means to develop that skill.


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