Slice Buster


Are you sick and tired of slicing the ball?

Let’s get this done! No more slicing starts today! And you’ll end up hitting the ball up to 50 yards farther when you eliminate your slice! More than just helping you fix your slice, this DVD will help you control the golf ball better than ever AND hit it farther as you learn to how hit the ball from the inside.

Introduction. How do you slice? Setup for Success. The Training Station.

Part 1 Club Face Drills

Spin the Ball. The Right Arm. The Left Arm. Elbow to Elbow. On Your Knees. Roll Out. The Credit Card Drill. Closed back. Closed Down.

Part 2 Path Drills

The Arc of Approach. The Angle of Approach. The Obstacle Course. The Pump Drill. The Karate Chop. The Foam Ball. The Plane Shaft. Hip Action. The Super Looper. Shoulder Action

Part 3 Fine Tuning

The Three Way Drill. The Rolls. Hitting the Driver

If this program doesn’t fix your slice, the only thing that will is a live lesson with Dunigan!