Professional Impact


Professional Impact

Compress the ball like a pro!

Have you had it with fat, thin, weak and topped shots?

It’s all about impact! Impact is that fleeting moment when the ball gets all its information from the club. Master impact and you own the game!

The 3 Essential Full Swing Golf Skills are, in order:

1. Strike the ball solidly.

2. Predict the flight. And

3. Hit the ball far enough to score.

These skills must be learned in order. Professional Impact, a solid strike, is crucial to your game. Every bit more closely you move toward owning Professional Impact, you will improve your scores! This 1.5 hour DVD program is filled with drills and concepts to help you learn the essential golf skill of striking the ball then the turf. In my opinion, far too many golfers attempt to skip right over this first, most important skill and head straight to trying to control the ball flight. But I maintain that, “if you can’t hit it, forget it!” If you are not striking the ball solidly, trying to control the flight of the ball is impossible! Master this skill first, then master club face control and you can play very good golf. Master club path control, which is to say, the face/path relationship, and then you can hit every shot in the book. And it just so happens that when you learn to strike the ball solidly, your distance improves rapidly!



The Swing. The Ball. The Club
The Hands
Address VS Impact
The Swing Circle


The Towel Snap
Hammer It!
Deloft the Club
Drag a Mop
Hit it with the Shaft


Impact Preview
Tee Time
The Chip
The Pitch
The Punch
The Left Arm
The Right Arm
The Credit Card Drill
Two Hands. Two Clubs.
The Pre-set Drill
The Divot Line
Beat the Divot
Impact Bag Drills (3)
Drag and Lag
Increase the Angle
The Slider
Left Wrist Action
Squeeze the Forearms
The Plane Shaft
The Perfect Pivot
Foot Action
Leg Action
Shoulder Action

Professional Impact is a comprehensive program designed to help you find YOUR OWN best way to strike the ball solidly and play the game better than ever. The reason for all the drills is simple: Some drills work better for some than for others. Once you find a drill that works, keep at it!