Hello Golf!


The right start in athletic development for the little ones, ages 5-6

Saturdays 1:00-1:45

By starting kids at a young age, we are able to help them become golfers for life, as they develop lasting friendships with other youngsters who play golf. While other country clubs often shut out this group (and even the older age groups!) we at White Manor welcome them to participate in the sport for a lifetime.

“Give me an athlete, and I’ll make him/her a golfer!” At a glance, the HELLO GOLF! Program will often not resemble golf at all. Kids will throw Frisbees, run, jump, hit baseballs, throw and catch soft footballs—all in order to develop their athletic ability. Once the foundation of athletic literacy is developed, children will have the ability to master any sport they choose. There will be a mild shaping of technique at this stage, but mostly through the children’s amazing ability to mimic their coach’s movements. Super kids students will learn golf skills, from the putting back to the tee, fundamental athletic movements, etiquette, safety and the basic rules of golf.  All instruction is founded in fun and is communicated in a fashion that resonates with children. Everyone is encouraged to repeat the program, as repetition is essential for mastering golf skills. Classes are 45 minutes in length. Space is limited to the first 10 registrants.

Parents: please help us do our job by avoiding the temptation to teach your child how to “do it right.” Doing so can steal from your child the most important part of the learning process called self-discovery. Also, you will notice that we let kids swing just about as hard as they can—even to the point of a complete loss of balance. We have good reasons for doing so. There are times in life—windows of opportunity—that are ideal for the development of speed, and if we stress control over speed at the wrong time, it will be impossible for kids to ever develop the speed necessary to be competitive in the teenage years and later.

  • Innovative four-week program for boys and girls ages 5-6
  • 4 Group coaching sessions per month (45 minutes each)
  • Children will be exposed to the four basic shots in a fun and safe environment.
  • The movement skill program follows the Long Term Athletic Development Model to build athletic movements and create an “active start.”
  • No experience necessary
  • 6:1 athlete/coach ratio maximum
  • High quality learning opportunity
  • All participants may be fitted for US Kids Clubs

Tuition – $150 per month