Video Drills

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Professional Impact

Gain a clear idea of the move through impact to improve your ball striking.

The Flat Left Wrist

The lead wrist (left wrist for right handers) must not bend before impact to ensure solid contact.

The Wrist Conditions

Knowing what the wrists are supposed to do can quickly improve ball contact and control.

The Chip

The Chip Basic Motion is part of the Progression to Greatness. It is far easier to learn with short shots and then progress to longer shots and The Chip is step 1. Master this to begin full swing mastery.

The Pitch

The next step in the Progression to Greatness, The Pitch Basic Motion must be mastered next. Though it is designed for building the full swing, this basic motion is also a low trajectory pitch shot that you can use on the golf course.

The Punch Shot

The final step in the Progression to Greatness, The Punch Basic Motion works so well that you may end up using it for most of your approach shots throughout your career. Think about, how often are you between clubs on an approach shot? The answer? Punch it!

The Drag Drill

If you suffer the dreaded flip, where the club head passes your hands before impact, The Drag Drill will help. Clues that you are a flipper: fat and thin shots and a loss of distance.

The Pre-Set Drill

Another drill for improving impact, The Pre-Set Drill will help you learn to lag the club head behind the hands properly.

The Power Angles

The Power Angles video shows a novel take on how to swing the club from the top of the backswing down through impact. Many times, this is all the instruction a golfer needs to consistently create professional impact conditions.

The Right Arm

Right Arm Action is seldom talked about, but can really simplify the golf swing for you. If you throw right handed or hammer a nail right handed, why on earth wouldn’t you try swinging the golf club right handed?

The Rolls (Club Face Control)

The Club Face is King! Learn to feel the club face through your hands and arms.

How It Really Works (Full Swing)

A discussion on the major parts of the golf swing. Do you concentrate on what your arms are doing or what your body is doing? It’s all here.

The No-Flip Flop Shot


The No-Flip Flop Shot makes a high trajectory pitch around the green as easy as it can get!