Books, DVDs, and Training Aids

2015 head shotI am doing my very best to provide understandable and effective instruction material that works. The key aspect of my material is that I don’t just tell you what to do: I teach you how to learn so that you can teach yourself. Many golfers have forgotten how to learn: Everything we have ever learned took time and practice. Yet, for some reason, golfers have been led to believe that there can be instant improvement without practice. “Just buy a new club or try a new swing thought you saw on the internet.” Golfers will try a new idea on the golf course, with no prior practice, and no feedback as to whether they are actually doing what they are trying to do in the first place. When the “new move” fails to work (how could it?) they condemn the idea as worthless, when in fact, they had no hope in the first place. Golf is harder than it looks! You have to practice. Even if the extent of your practice is a half hour warm up before you play, if you use your time wisely, focusing on improving your ball control skills, you will improve over time. As Arnold Palmer said, “you have to stick to something long enough to learn it.”

The Golf Swing is not a skill! Although I certainly have my preferences that I like to see in a swing, ball control is, and will always be, the primary skill of golf. All golfers need to apply the club to the ball in such a manner that allows you to strike the ball solidly, predict the flight, and hit it far enough to score. Yes, we need self-control, and good decision-making, but ball control is the very essence of the game. My products are designed to help you master ball control, not just swing the club a certain way.