2015 head shotMy Promise:

I am absolutely committed to being the best golf coach I can possibly be. Through hard work, constant self-assessment, study, and seeking out the world’s foremost experts in: motor learning, coaching, biomechanics and the development of expertise, I will forever push myself to improve my ability to help you play better.

Need to get hold of me?

email: john@johndunigan.com, cell: 484 288 9931.

Text messages are easiest for me to reply to. Please note that I do not answer the phone during lessons (unless you’re my wife!). I will get back to you at the end of the day.

Developing Golf Mastery at White Manor Country Club

If you are looking for comprehensive golf performance coaching, you have come to the right place! If you want to make long term progress, you need a Plan. Our comprehensive Golf Performance Plans outline exactly what to practice and how to practice it so that you learn to master the skills required to move your game to the next level. We are absolutely committed to helping you achieve your goals and enjoy the game more than ever!

We use many different practice/learning techniques that are based upon the latest research in The Development of ExpertiseLong Term Athletic Development, and Motor Learning Science. Ever wonder why you can’t take your range game to the golf course? Well, the answer is that most golfers practice in a way that simply does not aid in the transfer of skills to the course. We employ and teach Transfer Appropriate Practice Strategies that are designed and proven to help you transfer your skills to the course. We teach you to practice like you play, and play like you practice!

In addition to our outstanding Junior Golf Development Program, designed after the best Talent Hotbeds in the world found in Dan Coyle’s great book, The Talent Code, we offer private and group coaching sessions, supervised practice sessions, golf schools, summer golf camps for adults and juniors, and winter golf schools at Orange County National, near Orlando, FL.

Certifications: Ongoing learning is a cornerstone of my coaching philosophy. I know I don’t have all the answers, so I keep searching…


I’m a PGA Master Teaching Professional. I’ve gone through rigorous testing in front of a panel of Top 100 Teachers where I presented my approach to instruction and then defended it during the presentation. In the live lesson portion of the program, Brad Redding, a long time member of the Top 100, commented: “you blew us away with the lesson!”  I do believe that all who teach the game should be required to pass similar testing to prove their effectiveness as a teacher/coach, just like we need a driver’s license to hit the road.

Certified Coach

The Certified Coaches Association is run by renown motor learning expert, Rick Jensen. In this program, we learned to apply the principles of motor learning to help our golfers learn more efficiently as they move through the 4 Steps to Mastery. All of the information in this program is research based and proven to be effective for golfers at all levels. “The Marbles Talk,” is one of my favorite parts of the program. Ask me about it! I am honored to have been named to the Advisory Board for the Certified Coaches Association.

Laser Optics

Through world class putting instructor, Mike Shannon, I am a Certified Laser Optics Putting Coach. Mike’s program has helped many golfers roll the rock better by helping them with The Connected Stroke, Aim, and the Linear and Non-Linear approaches to playing breaks that is a total game change!


I earned my Trackman University Masters certification through my Get to Know Golf article on the cause and effect of ball flight, which you can download here for free. Get to Know Golf


The Titleist Performance Institute has many programs through which golf professionals can “sharpen their teaching tools.” Each year, I go through another program so that I stay as close as I can to the leading edge of research, particularly in the areas of Junior Golf Development and LTAD.

BodiTrakI was named to the BodiTrak Advisory Staff in 2013. We are at the leading edge in discovery and application of how a golfer uses the ground to add speed and orient his/her body to aid club delivery to the ball. It’s a very exciting time for this type of research, especially when it leads directly to application on the lesson tee.

nyG-BgIWvJtoWoZ-JSbQV3fxh7FLbivg2W1xQy3D9vA Have you seen Adam Scott, Jason Dufner or Stacy Lewis holding up any number of fingers while standing behind the ball reading a putt? What’s going on? It’s AimPoint, a revolution in green reading that makes the black art a very simple bit of science. It turns out that, believe it or not, your feet are likely far better at detecting slopes than your eyes. AimPoint training will show you how to use your feet to reliably read greens and make more putts.


I am very pleased to be on the advisory staff at K Motion Interactive, the manufacturers of the K-Vest biomechanical analysis technology and their fantastic learning tool, Dynamic Visual Training (DVT). Using the software/hardward combination, we can analyze your swing and then follow the flow chart of suggested exercises designed to improve your motion quickly with biofeedback that greatly enhances your awareness of the proper motion.

About the Game of Golf:

Swing theories come and go, but the facts about golf will never change. Golf is and will always be a game of skill. The Essential Skills of Golf are:

  1. Ball Control
  2. Self Control
  3. Game Control
The Essential Skills for Ball Control in the Full Swing are:
  1. Consistently strike the ball solidly from all lies
  2. Predict the Flight
  3. Hit the ball far enough to score
The Essential Skills for Ball Control in Putting are:
  1. Speed
  2. Line
  3. Read
  4. Aim
The Essential Skills for Ball Control in Wedging are:
  1. Consistently strike the ball solidly from all lies
  2. Control the trajectory
  3. Control the roll
It’s really quite simple, but…
Many golfers spend their life trying to learn how to swing the golf club a certain way rather than developing their ball control skills. We see this all the time. Golfer will take a lesson or even several lessons from a pro and if they don’t “get it” right away, rather than, as Arnold Palmer says, “stick with something long enough to learn it,” they move to another pro and start the cycle all over again. While doing so, they abandon developing the Essential Skills for someone’s idea of the “perfect” swing or just some quick fix. These golfers often fail to achieve the kind of golf skill to which they aspire because they have mistaken Swing Style for Golf Skill. Certainly, there do exist killer flaws in the swing must be overcome, but only when directly related to the Essential Skills, not to match someone else’s vision of correct. Think about it. How many times have you been beaten by someone who has a swing style that is “unusual” to put it a nice way? Well, you might have a nicer swing style, but that golfer has more skill at playing the game.
If you want to develop your swing for perfecting your skills, not style, you have come to the right place.